​The Observatório Angola is a consumer & market research project that aims to understand the new Angola consumer society.

Return on Ideas launches in 2014 under the sponsorship of Banco Atlântico and having as partners Ipsos Apeme and GDS Mercados, the Observatório Angola.

This project was born in Angola so that brands can gradually adjust its value proposition to the dynamics of demand and so they can anticipate the desires and the highest expectations of millions of consumers who are very fond of thinking and envision the future.

For companies, beyond the full spectrum consumers knowledge, the project also offers a sharing and discussing cross-industry platform, since it will mobilize a community of companies from different sectors.

Research 2014-15 (founding year):

  • A broad picture of Angolan Consumers
  • Map of consumption: demand for goods and services and an overview of its growth
    Actionable Market Segmentation
  • Actionable Market Segmentation

Research 2016-17:

  • Consumer Barometer: creation of consumer and major operable markets monitoring metrics
  • Annual thematic researches – for 2015-2016 “Private Live, new protagonists and consumption dynamics”

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