Segmentation Model


Segmentation Model


SIVA, that represents brands like Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda in Portugal (among others), challenged Return on Ideas to advise in the creation and implementation of a customers segmentation model, and the creation of a clients contact program.
The project was developed in close proximity to the 3 main brands and their dealers and was based on customer and transactional data that SIVA (brands, dealerships and workshops) features and complemented with a qualitative research and consumer analysis  to validate and improve the knowledge of each segment.

Initially, all the information about customers was integrated and harmonized , creating a single view of customers profile, across brands and dealers.
Subsequently, a global clients segmentation model was created, which in conjunction with the customers data bases of each brand, allowed to characterize in detail the different archetypes of SIVA customers.
Finally, for each priority segments identified a relationship plan was designed, which aimed to address differently, with directed value proposition, the customers throughout their relationship cycle with SIVA.

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