In the design and implementation of our projects, we respect four fundamental principles that define us.

I)  Start with the confrontation with the truth

Look at reality – consumers and markets -, try to understand it from different angles, question it with new hypotheses, describe it without respecting orthodoxies, it is the first step to understand our clients challenge.

The confrontation with reality is usually the best way to understand the sense of urgency of acting.

This approach requires a deep knowledge of customers and markets, therefore we have been focusing on strengthening our knowledge projects, on our ability to draw innovative marketing research tools and monitoring quantitative and/or qualitative research.

II) Customization

We build each project with a customized methodology, molding the processes and tools to the specific challenges faced in each case and the specificities of each company, its way of managing, planning, deciding.

Our white sheet logic also reflects the conviction that the differentiation is not a result of benchmark, but the ability to consistently create new value propositions and questioning the business vision.

III) Internal data: the first look

The first insight source has to be inside information residing in databases or on company employees. We promote the comprehensive and in-depth analysis of all data, our analytical capacity assumes a strong presence in all projects.

IV)  Construction and “immersion” together

We seek the decision makers immersion in the process of reflexion and discussion of ideas since the first moment . The best way to understand reality is watching it closely, without filters. Will a 50 years old manager be able to effectively understand his 20 years old customers? Can a decision maker with little technological ability capture the web potential?